Automated Broadcast Dialer

JRAPhones.com Automated Broadcast Dialer

JRA now provides a completely automated messaging system for phone trees, broadcast
announcements, political messages and surveys, and automated voicemail messages.

J. Riggin & Associates, Inc. now provides very cost-effective hosted telephony ystems through our JRAPhones.com service. Our advanced, automated broadcast system can get your message out to multitudes of  cipients at rates of thousands of calls per minute. Here are a few of the primary features:

  • Custom CallerID and Calling Schedule per Campaign
    Each campaign gets its own localized CallerID and calling hours based on the timezone of the recipient’s area code. CallerID and dialing hours are completely flexible.
  • Automated Human/Machine Answering Detection
    Answered calls are routed based on how they are answered. If a human answers, the campaign message is played. Optionally, the call can be transferred to a live agent and/or a survey can be done with recipient pressing keypad numbers to answer survey questions. Machines can be simply disconnected, or the system can wait for the machine to start recording then play the campaign
  • “Ringless” Voicemail Broadcast
    This system leaves your message in the recipient’s voicemail without ever ringing the phone. The message will have the Campaign CallerID.
  •  Minimal Lead Time Required
    Our normal service level is campaign dialing on 2nd business after we receive the campaign recording nd CSV dialing list. In urgent situations, we can have the system dialing within the same business day we received the campaign recordings and CSV dialing list.
  • Live Web Campaign Reporting
    You will have access to a web page with all of the current statistics for your campaign, even the number of currently active calls.
  •  Daily and Campaign Completion Email Reports
    Early in the morning, you will receive a daily email with campaign dialing statistics for the previous business day, which will also include a statistical summary of any completed campaigns.
  •  Cost
    There is a $100 setup fee per campaign. There is no limit to the number of calls. Calls will be paced to complete the campaign within your specified time parameters. Answered calls cost $0.10 per minute. Unanswered calls are $0.02 each. Quantity discounts and custom pricing for survey and live operator stems by quote.

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