Here are some recently completed projects:

FreePBX High Availability Cluster with Custom IVRs

Problem: This enterprise level health care provider was paying many thousands of dollars per year for Cisco Call Manager voicemail licenses.  Their old IVR system was not up to handling their expansion and the price for replacement proprietary systems was enormous. They also needed the system to be extremely reliable because you don’t want to call a hospital and have the call fail.

 Solution: JRA designed and installed a 2-note FreePBX High Availability cluster with immediate automated failover.  We then migrated 5000 users and extensions, 286 IVRs, 236 Time Conditions from the previous PBX system and integrated it with Cisco Call Manager providing the client with a seamless user experience and advanced features.

FreePBX Integration with Multiple CRM

Problem: This enterprise ISP provides server hosting for hundreds of large contact center and telemarketing clients using a customized OSDial system.  Each client has their own physical server, which was fine for large clients.  However, their vision was to be able to provide a complete hosted CRM system for thousands of smaller clients, and physical servers for each client was not feasible.

 Solution: JRA integrated multiple virtual instances of SuiteCRM and SugarCE with 1 physical FreePBX, allowing the provider to server hundreds of clients with 2 physical servers.  CRM users had full click-to-call functionality, and got a “Screen Pop” with caller contact info and history with each call.

pfSense Firewall Cluster

Problem: This large international contact center had a large concern that their firewall, the connection between all their offices and markets, was a single point of failure that could put them out of business.  If this single computer went down, over a thousand workers would be idle and n customer could contact them.

Solution: JRA installed a clustered pfSense firewall with 2 nodes and automated failover.  This system will not even drop a phone call if one of the nodes goes down.  We also connected all of their VPNs via the cluster to they can be sure they will always be on line.

Custom FreePBX IVRs With On-Line CRM API Integration

Problem: Customer service representatives were inundated with calls about shipping dates, cancellations, order information and other data that they looked up in various on-line CRM systems, often different for each client.

 Solution: JRA designed and implemented an IVR system on FreePBX that allows callers to query multiple on-line databases via API integration.  This system was outfitted with a GUI IVR call flow program that allows non-technical staff to design new IVRs for new clients with any CRM API that that has been integrated, saving hundreds of hours of custom programming fees and allowing customer service representatives to handle more customers in less time.

Integrate OSDial with SalesForce.com

Problem: A Contact Center in the Philippines with over 1000 agents was using OSDial for inbound and outbound dialing, but agents also had to have a SalesForce window open and manage data in both places, causing twice the work and confusion as an integrated solution.

 Solution: Integrate!  JRA build secure system using HTTPS that exchanged data between OSDial and SalesForce so agents only had enter data in one screen.

Vicidial 3-Factor Authentication

Problem: A large Contact Center with remote agents all over the world had to keep all those connections secure and validate that the person logging in was their agent.  Originally done with a VPN account for each agent, but managing all those VPN accounts was getting to be a nightmare as the company expanded.

 Solution: Develop an SMS Text based system that allows the remote agent to enter user name and password, then sends a text with a 6-digit one-time code to the agents pre-registered mobile phone.  They then enter the code into the login form, confirming that the person logging into the system has the mobile phone registered to their specific login credentials.

Integrate OSDial with LimeLightCRM.com

Problem: A Contact Center in the Bogota was using OSDial for inbound and outbound dialing to customers that had not reordered from their large, online LimeLightCRM Order management system. The manual process of searching for those orders in the Limelight GUI, downloading them, then using the OSDial GUI to upload them to the dialing list was very cumbersome and eating up too much staff time.

 Solution: Develop a PHP solution that runs every hour on OSDial to use the Limelight API to pull the selected orders and automatically load them into OSDial so they will be dialed without ever having been touched by human hands.

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